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Oernos entrance to Galawain's Maw cutscene plays twice?



Here's what happened to me in Galawain's Maw.


I confronted Sul for the first time, but didn't attack and agreed to confront Oernos instead. A cutscene played - Oernos entering the Maw with his clansmen.


I went back and talked to Oernos' men, but didn't attack them either. I returned to Sul, persuaded her clansmen to leave and killed her.


After Sul's death, the cutscene of Oernos entering the Maw tried to play again. Only this time it looked weird - you couldn't actually see anything, the screen was just focusing on fog of war.

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Hello Infinitron,


You know the drill  ;)


Cutscene #1 Save - talk to Sul's party, tell them you're going to confront Oernos: http://www.filedropper.com/86c6fe26022149408bb744934e5373f414564898galawainsmaw


Cutscene #2 Save (saved immediately after doing the above) -  talk to Sul's party, use the Rogue option to get the clansmen to leave, kill Sul: http://www.filedropper.com/86c6fe26022149408bb744934e5373f414565447galawainsmaw

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