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Keyboard and Mouse not fully functional when displaying game on TV via HDMI



I recently purchased and installed and have been really enjoying the game since then without any noticeable issues playing directly on my laptop. When connected to my TV via HDMI cable (working perfectly fine as I type this) and in the game, the UI seems to be partially unresponsive or buggy for mouse commands and doesn't seem to respond at all to my wireless keyboard.


Steps to Reproduce the Issue:

1. Plug TV into Laptop's HDMI slot

2. Gather snacks

3. Load up game via Steam

4. Frown inconsolably at the lack of functionality



As I have played fine without the TV before and after I discovered this problem, I don't think this is applicable.


System Specs

See attached


Feel free to let me know if there is anything further I can provide. Thank you in advance for any guidance and support.

0831 Kreaken Comp Specs.txt

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Hello Kreaken, 


When you are plugging in your TV into your laptop, are you setting it as a projection, dual screen, or the master screen? Try setting it as projection and see if that helps. Check to see if your graphics card has the latest drivers installed as well.


Thanks a bunch!

Whats this at obsidian.net?

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