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Trap of Heaven's Fire (or some such name in english) accuracy

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Is it me or is it the only trap with +15 or +25 (can't remember exactly now) accuracy instead of being minus for such a high level?


My Wizard with 9 mechanics (+27 acc) and a magic belt +15 trap acc had thi baby hitting with 158 Acc.


Basically this thing allowed me to have a fight with

Goddamn Fampyr's in that wood on the left of Stalwart with Fampyr illusionists, berserkers, assassins + darguls. It kept hitting them all every few sec for ~30-45 since with 158acc i often saw like 10-12 critical strikes :p.

With my party how it was on lvl 5-6 POTD with Eder, Sagani, Durance, PC, Barb NPC, Zahua it was pretty impossible due to

constant domination + paralyze against which I had no spells yet XD


This trap gave me fighting chance and it went from impossible to win to quite challenging at that lvl with that party comp (i have no pure tank char :))


Is this intended to have plus accuracy instead of minus ? 

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