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Bug [2.0] Windows User object limit reached



This may be related to previous post on 2.0 poor performance related to a Windows resource leak.


You can read about Windows resource handles here:




... and how to debug them here:




PillarsOfEternity.exe is consuming all available "User object resources" allowed.  On my system, it is configured to 10,000. (HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\Windows\USERProcessHandleQuote = 0x00002710).


There is no reason why any Windows application should ever need 10,000 Windows user objects.  To put things in perspective, the next largest user object consumer on my system is 'explore.exe' - and it only needs 527.


I believe that this does confirm there is some kind of massive resource leak in 2.0.



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But there may be great, inefficient maps in unity which load all referenced assets in a container, just in case …, who knows. On Every map change the game trashes thousands of game objects to try to be stable more than a few maps. Looks like this is really a thing which the unity profiler did not mention as „urgent“, else the had already dealed with it.


Oh, on a more constructive Question. @Dorian Would you say that dealing with all those objects is the major course of permanent 100% cpu usage?

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