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[Spoilers] Need help with expansion 'workshop' dungeon

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Hi all,


I can't seem to get past the constructs in this place. They are insanely powerful. I have experienced the stacking defenses bug on a higher level party, but right now with my level 7s, even though I've reloaded a bunch of times, their stats are staying the same (around 51 DR) but I simply cannot hurt them enough before they destroy my party. Not sure if this is a bug or I am too low a level. Please help. 

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Raw damage helps a lot. You can get that from Envenomed Strike, Deep Wounds, some cipher powers like Mind Wave and so on. There are also some spells/powers that reduce DR. Body Attunement is one of them. And/or you can use burst damage from firearms. Genereally it's a good idea to do a lot CC (cause prone, stun, paralyze, confusion, charming and so on) so that you can buy time and reduce defenses so that you can crit more often and don't get hit a lot. Best tactic (as always) might be to search for a chokepoint and buff your doorman's defenses like crazy while stacking acc on your damage dealers. Then use CC and tank/shoot like crazy. Another winner might be ectopsychic echo. Even though most of it's damage will be eaten up by DR, a little bit always gets through. DR never eliminates damage completely. You just have to hit a lot. And that is easily done with some CC plus Ectopsychic Echo. You could also try some weapons with anti vessel enchantments. That's all that comes to my mind at tje moment.

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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