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Cannot sell any items when I have maximum Camping Supplies





I'm getting a consistent error, with all vendors I've tried on my new PoTD difficulty run. Whenever I try to sell something to an NPC and I have 2 camping supplies, my max, I'm getting an message box saying "Max Camping Supplies" and I cannot complete the sale. I can buy things as usual but I cannot sell unless I use 1 of my supplies and bring it below the maximum.


Would appreciate any help resolving this.

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Hello again Auchen,


I took a look at your output log and you are currently version of the game is 1.05.0582. We are currently at 2.00.706. A lot has happened since then. You just need to update to the latest build and your issue will be solved. If you are having issues updating, please close out of steam completely and log back in and that should update your game to the current build. 


Thank you for your support. 

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