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Windowed mode on Linux



Just purchased the game on GOG.  Installs and runs fine on Linux with Ubuntu 14.04 and a Radeon HD 6670 1GB (open-source drivers).


How do I get the game to switch to windowed mode?  I select a resolution in the graphics options, uncheck the "Fullscreen" box and it starts switching to windowed mode, then goes back into fullscreen mode.  From the looks of it, this issue has been around for quite some time.


Please help!

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Okay, so I just figured out how to get the game to switch to windowed mode and stay, but it ain't pretty.


Once the game is running fullscreen, change the resolution to something less than your desktop res, but leave the fullscreen checked at this point (which doesn't really matter, it'll be checked again after you hit Apply anyway due to the bug).


Apply that and then use ALT-SPACE to get the system window menu to pop up in the top-left corner (I use XFCE) and select "Leave Fullscreen".


That will give you an almost fullscreen window and the window titlebar should become visible, but you will notice that you can no longer click in the window with the mouse... however, you can use the window borders and titlebar buttons to resize the window.  Try to make it a bit smaller.


After resizing the window down a bit, the mouse positioning will be off... however, if you move the mouse around, you can find and highlight the Options button, click it, then highlight the Graphics button and click it, then find the fullscreen button, uncheck it, find the resolution drop-down, pick a resolution smaller than the full desktop res and select it... then find and click the Apply button.  At this point, the mouse positioning should be fixed.


Now quit out of the game and start it again... you should be in windowed mode with the resolution you chose.  Switching resolutions now works correctly too.


This work for anyone else on Linux?

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