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Overlevel from White March content?

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So I'm playing PotD, currently at lv8 and already I can feel the game starting become easier. Last night I entered White March, and midway through Russetwoods it dawned on me that by the time I'm done with the Durgan content, won't I overlevel the vanilla content by a good 3-4 levels? 


The challenge factor is a very big deal for me, as far as I know people have commented that even in vanilla the game gets too easy past lv9ish, won't adding additional content/xp at lv7 exacerbate this problem? Seems like Obsidian didn't think this through. Perhaps I should've left all the white march content for the end where I can scale it up to max level, this way I can do vanilla content at even level.



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I think you're right. Most of the vanilla game will be a breeze at level 14. My personal solution is to use the preset companions up until level cap, then create a new custom party when I return to lower-level content. Since custom companions can be created at an level, they are a nice alternative to steam-rolling quests with a max level super party. But yeah. Not ideal.

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