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Higher enemy deflection with expansion?

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So now, thanks to the expansion, we can see our chance to hit. However, the figures are surprisingly low! Was the chance to hit always this low (and we couldn't see it) or it the enemies get a boost to their defenses to compensate for the new "perception raises accuracy" mechanic? 



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It's just an average chance to hit I think, plus in the beginning of the game even focusing on using a single weapon most enemies are going to have around 30 Deflection or so, it gets better as you go up in level. Although, considering things I tried building a max Accuracy Elf Ranger and even she only topped off at around 90 or so with relevant boosts(using a basic bow though). Seems like they want to make it that nothing is a guaranteed hit on your end regardless of level and items. But that's just my experience with it since the new Patch.

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