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Missing Attribute Point



At some point in time along the course of the game, and I have no clue where, I lost a point in intellect. When I respect my character I have only 14 points available instead of the standard 15 as well. Are there ways to have Permanente attribute loss? I don't remember ever seeing "you have lost 1 point on int" and I have been fairly thorough in reading the dialogue.


How would I go about getting that point back without disabling Achievements in steam from the console editor.

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I never changed the background, Also the background I have gives me a might bonus. I also remember being able to meet a int check of 20 with my character (17 base + 1 (godlike) + 2 from an item) in one of the dialogues I was in. But now my Int is 19 (16 Base + 1 Godlike + 2 From an item). I am also fairly certain that I had an 18 Might and 18 Int when I started the game because I remember commenting that I thought it was funny that my wizard had both the highest Might and Intellect in the party. 


Also when I calculate my base stats from my character sheet it adds up to +14 instead of +15 (over 10). I have also noticed that an other character, the NPC Druid (Can't remember his name), has a base of +14, and an other character, Durrance, Has a base of +16. I can't really speak to the NPCs if that is normal or not I just thought it was interesting. It just seems like my characters stats have shifted a little bit.

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Hello nickr2,


I took a look at your save and I don't see anything wrong. I respected your character and put him down to the base stats and I was able to get 15 attribute points. It is possible that you could have some kind of resting/food buff at the time when you saw 20 Int.


I also created a new character keeping the same exact base stats as yours. And it is not possible to get 18 int during character creation with the current stats you have. 


Godlike base stats: 15 attribute points to spend.

MIG: 11 (10+living lands)

CON: 10

DEX: 11 (10+godlike)

PER: 10

INT:  11 (10+godlike)

RES: 10


After spending 15 attributes and gaining 3 from removing RES

MIG: 18 (17+living lands)

CON: 10

DEX: 12 (11+godlike)

PER: 14

INT:  17 (16+godlike)

RES: 7


Hope that helps!


Thank you for your support.

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Sorry about that. I was doing the math in my head so I may have just done it wrong... Which is sad considering I did it like 3 or 4 times. lol, oh well. Did you still look at durance and Hiravias? I am still getting 16 on durance and 14 on Hiravias for their base stats. not sure if it should be that way.


Thank you,

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I guess I am still a little confused,


Should Durance and Hiravias have a total of 75 base stats or as I was saying previously +15 above base 10? The reason I am asking is because Durance has a total of 76 base stats and Hiravias has a total of 74 Base stats. And all other characters have 75 Base stats. Also race and culture stats are not factored into the base stats in the character sheet as it will call out those +'s and -'s.


Here is what I am getting for Durance


13 --- 13

13 --- 26

9  ---- 35

9  ---- 44

15 --- 59

17 --- 76


Here is what I am getting for Hiravias


15 --- 15

12 --- 27

12 --- 39

11 --- 50

15 --- 65

9   --- 74


I'm just wondering if there is something that isn't getting calculated correctly in the character sheet.



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