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Now that each party member could theoretically summon 2 skeletons (using the "mini-chanter" cross-class talent):

Is there a limit on summons? Either per char or per party?


That's 12 skeletons + summons from items + normal chanter summons!

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As someone who participates in the yearly Tumblr Halloween festivities, this question is important to me. I want to be able to reenact the Skeleton War.


On a more serious note, I've had a drake, an adra beetle, a greater blight, an Essential Phantom, and a spider all summoned at once, and I've had six skeletons summoned at once (chanter PC + Kana both using summon invocations). So, the limit is at least six?



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Every character can have one summon at a time. Skeletons or whisps or wurms or ogres count as one summon. If you summoned skeletons with a char and then thus char tries to summon a phantom, the skeletons will just go "poof".

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