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Microsoft banned meeeee!?!


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Microsoft just banned me from Bing Rewards earlier today.


Before I went to bed last night (or this early "morning" at 1 or 2 AM,) I checked into Bing and did the obligatory 20 PC + 10 mobile searches to earn the daily reward points. Then, this morning when I woke up at about 9 AM and checked back into Bing, Microsoft had already banned my Bing rewards account. So it happened while I was asleep. Fortunately, I had redeemed my Bing points two days ago.  So I had only about one day worth of reward points (about 30) in my account.  I also did not have anything else like an Xbox that was tied to the reward account.  So it was no big loss. (Thank goodness I do not have an Xbox. Now I certainly will *never* buy an Xbox.) 


As for why I suspect Microsoft banned me: I had only one Bing reward account, (i.e., my only Microsoft account.) I had and never used a bot. However, I saved my favorite search terms as browser bookmarks. Every day I reloaded those bookmarks to earn the reward points. I believe that was what got me banned. Which has turned out to be a good thing, because I started using Google to find out information about Bing bans. That was how I found out about Swagbucks, (which is way better than Bing rewards; I just joined and started using it a few hours ago.)


I decided to close my Bing account, which was also my main and *only* Microsoft account. I remove all traces of Bing from my search bars, PC, notebook, smartphone and tablet. Good riddance because Bing was actually a horrible search engine. I had been using Bing for three years. I had hoped that its interface would improve, but it had stayed horrible throughout those three years. Microsoft has made absolutely no attempt to make even the slightest improvement to Bing during those three years.


And I will not be buying anything from Microsoft ever again. Not an Xbox. Not a Microsoft keyboard or mouse or whatever. Not a Microsoft phone. Nothing from Microsoft, ever. I am a PC gamer, so unfortunately I am stuck with Windows for playing games. At least I do not have to directly pay a dime for Windows. And I will not be using Bing, Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer or Edge or whatever Microsoft is calling it now, or any other Microsoft products even if they are free.


I have about $320 worth of credits on Amazon.  I got from Bing rewards and mostly recycling garbage from my home, work and rental properties. Do you know how I will be spending those $320?


On a Playstation 4.  Screw you, Microsoft.

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