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Very Late First Impression

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Oh man, I love this game so much!


Definitely filled my expectations. So far it's the best RPG I've played in the last 7 years or so, and we'll see how that goes once I finish it.


There are still some bugs sure, but there are still more patches to come it seems, which is great. I think some stronghold handling should probably be improved.

I really like the system, from stats to how weapons and combat is handled. I think Obsidian did a very good job with the game.

I find the graphics amazing and immersive. I never thought you could do that in isometric view. I hope for a bright future with more games like this.


I don't mind all the backer NPCs, but there are really really way too many godlike races there.


That's it, very short, just had to throw how much I like the game out there. I'm somewhere at half point. Finally getting to play it for the first time since beta, a while after it got released :p

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