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Raedric's Hold travel time seems a bit too long



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Raedric's Hold to Esternwood takes 6 hours

Easternwood to Black Meadow takes 6 hours

Black Meadow to Caed Nua takes 18 hours


I think Black Meadow to Caed Nua should've been 6 hours as well. On the map it looks the same distance as Raedric's Hold to Easternwood, it makes no sense that the time it takes to travel is three times greater.


It should take 18 hours to go from Raedric's Hold to Caed Nua, not 1 day and 6 hours...

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Yeah, now that I look at it, it's really Caed Nua that takes a long time to go to. The fact that you apparently have take the long route through Black Meadow and Easternwood to get to Raedric's instead of going directly magnifies the problem.

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