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The White March - Main story continues?

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Hello there!


I'm very excited about the release of the White March - Pillars is one of the best games made since Baldurs Gate! :-)


I am just wondering if the story in TWM will continue as "an expansion" after the end of the game? Or if the content is supposed to be finished before entering the final area of the game??

- Just asking because i'm wondering if i should make a playthrough so i have already finished the game with the character i want or create a whole new one when the expansion comes?

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Think of the expansion as Tales of the Sword Coast -- it provides new content and raises the XP cap but does not change the endgame.  If you already beat Pillars of Eternity, you will need to reload from the automatic save made just before the end of the game, just as Baldur's Gate players had to do when TotSC was released.  (Or you can just make a new character.)

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