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I cannot for the life of me find Touch of Rot in my spellbooks for any class.  I see it on the items and I know all spells on items are accesable as regular spells but dangit I can't find it!! Am I noob and missed a Druid talent for it or something cause I was reading the text and DANG that is a good spell. 15m range, corrode damage initial and DoT sign me up!


Also I can't see the Blade "Marking" debuff on hits. I see it on other weapons, I loaded multiple games (different PCs) and noticed it didnt stack there either.  Is it an invis buff or is it bugged (late in the game to notice lol)? Kinda makes or breaks my use of the Blade on barbs vs Tidefall

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Its a level 1 druid spell.


Did you get this info off the really outdated (and thus inaccurate) wiki again, without bothering to check in-game? I have asked you to please check your facts more carefully before posting them. You attacked someone else in another thread for spreading misinformation, but you are the worst repeat offender of this I have seen on these forums. It's ok to not know something, but you have a false sense of authority over things you haven't actually experienced or checked. I gave you the benefit of the doubt at first, but at this point I'd write you off as a troll, except that I feel an obligation to do some damage control and set the record straight so that new forum members and players aren't misled.


You're right about Marking, though.


To the OP: My best guess about Touch of Rot is that it was at one time a level 1 druid spell, which was removed since its entry was make in the Wiki. Since I've only played since 1.0.5, this is only a hypothesis that would explain its entry in the notoriously outdated wiki at all. I wouldn't be at all surprised if the spell has been changed since then.


Though, if you just want to know what it does, you can always save your game, buy the gloves, equip them, and read the tooltip to help you decide whether to keep them or reload from the save you just did.

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