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Stash to inventory item multiplying exploit/bug





Started playing PoE a few days back. Awesome game and I was loving it before I encountered this bug today. Didnt find something similar mentioned aywhere.


There are several aspects to this bug. One is creating extra items. The other is making items dissapear. Both connected to moving stacks or items from the stash to your inventory.


I hope someone can test it out and confirm its not just my game or my imagination.


My party is in Gilded Vale. The stash is available to use. I open the stash and take a stack of 8 ale and try to place it in the protagnoists inventory. The 8 ale is returned to the stash. Ok so far so good. The max stack size is 6 for food items inside your inventory so it sort of makes sense. Now I take the 8 ale and try to place it inside another characters inventory with a single click. Nothing happens. Ok seems fine. Now I i try to doubleclick and the currently active character gets 8 ale placed inside their quick item slots. 6 in one and 2 in the other. The 8 ale remain in my hand. I can double click again and the active characters quick items are filled with ale. I can even change the active character and fill their slots with ale too. Only trying to place the items in the protagonists inentory are they returned to the stash. I can however make the protagonist active and double click on someone elses inentory to also fill their quick item slots.


Doesnt seem to matter which food item. Just happeneded to have 8 ale. Can do the same with endurance potions.


There are other weird bugs with moving stacked items but before I mention them could someone confirm this is heppening in their game. My game is GOG

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Hello, bighans.  We are aware of the issue and have it entered already into our internal database.  Thank you for your support!


Just to confirm you are also aware that when you place a large stack of items from the stash on top of another item inside a chars inventory, the stack of items you had in your hand dissapears?


This is the part of the bug that is really annoying. I can keep myself from duping items but losing items is quite annoying.

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