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So I went to the wiki and was... underwhelmed. What are the naming conventions for the different races? I get that a lot of them are in regions and those regions control the names but what about outliers like Pale Elves, Aumaua, Boreal Dwarves, and Wild Orlan?


I'm a lore-head. Everything must be perfect.

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Boreal Dwarves mostly come from part of the Deadfire Archipelago. Their names are inspired by Inuit/Aleut/Yupik names. Often heavy on "a"s, "u"s, and "q"s. Think stuff like "Anaana," "Lutaaq," or "Iqyaq".


Aumaua are heavily split. I'm not sure what aumaua from the Deadfire (usually Island Aumaua) follow for naming conventions, but given that Boreal Dwarves are their close neighbours, cribbing from them probably wouldn't be the worst idea. Aumaua from Rauatai (usully Coastal Aumaua, though Kana Rua is an Island Aumaua from Rauatai) have Maori-inspired names. Try, say, "Kahu Rangi" or "Hokaka" or something of that nature.


Pale Elves are another heavily region-locked race, being almost exclusively found in the White that Wends. Their language has some light connections to the ancient language of the Aedyrans (which you should see a ton of examples of in-game), but other than that, I can't help much.


Orlan are all over the place and you're probably safe just going with whatever's popular in their region. Most of the ones you meet in-game will have names based on Cornish/Welsh because they're from Eir Glanfath, which the PC can not be. So... when in doubt, go Ixamitl, I guess.

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