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Low CPU/GPU usage, low FPS


My system:

GTX Titan


8GB Ram

Windows 10


I still get ~60FPS in most areas, but I get 35-42 everytime I'm in a crowded area (Defiance Bay specially).


So here's what I've already tried:

-Updated drivers

-Updated motherboard BIOS

-Changed processor affinity for testing

-Disabled power saving modes for both GPU/CPU

-Ran stress tests on both and tested other games like Far Cry 4, where usage reached 90% or more

-Compatibility mode (Windows 7, 8) 

-Forced fullscreen with gedosato

-No MSAA, different resolutions

-Verified cache integrity


And nothing. No improvement whatsoever.

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Crowded areas are likely to increase the load on the CPU rather than GPU. PoE in my experience will max one core out while using 50% of a second, so setting affinity (and thereby limiting it to one core) is more likely to make things worse. With a Core i7-920 (clocked at 3.4GHz) and SLIed 580GTXes, I see similar FPS rates as yourself - 35-40 in crowded parts of Copperlane, 60 in quieter locations.


However plenty of others have reported worse results in the Why does this game run poorly? so it's probably a fair statement that this game is severely lacking in performance. Hopefully Obsidian will address this once more important bugs are fixed.

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