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[ -steam] BUG - Infinite money





Well I assume this is a bug, and not a feature :)


The bug presents itself in the Heartsong Market - Twin Elms.


After acquiring 2+ positive reputation with Twin Elms, two of the merchants in the market will sell any item at half the price they are buying it; basically allowing you to gain infinite amounts of money.


Don't know if it was reported already...



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Yeah, this is something folks have mentioned. I'm sure it's a bug that some folks absolutely use as a feature! :Cant's wry grin icon:






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K. Thanks.


I think it's a feature for those hoarders that simply need to have every unique item in the game in the same pass...

...guess I'm one of them  :biggrin:


On the philosophical side, talking about "complete imersion", merchants should really be generated with a finite amount of money.

Just as they don't have infinite items in stock, they shouldn't have infinite money at their disposal.

...but this is another topic...

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