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Hi all,


I've been enjoying the game playing slow and steady on PoTD, just now in Act 3. Last night I watched a rogue TCS speed run solo video and thought this would be fun. Thing is, I have the GoG version, which doesn't currently include achievements, so I have some questions.


1) How would I replicate this achievement "legit?" Does it mean that, when I encounter companions in the game, I can't have them join me even for a moment to sell their equipment? Am I also restricted from hiring any adventurers, even if only to use them for Stronghold adventures?


2) Does this mean that I won't be able to do Stronghold adventures at all, or have anyone around to escort unsavory types so they won't affect my prestige or security?


3) Which, if any, of the companion quests can be done without them in your party? None?


4) I've read that the devs want game files from people who did TCS, to verify they were legit and study them. Does anyone know if this is true, and where/how I should do this? A link would be great.


I'm not sure when I'll do this TCS run. It seems probably advisable to finish the game first, but who knows, I might get itchy fingers and at least start it before then :p.

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1) You cannot let anyone join your party, remain solo. That means on accepting of companions you meet, and no hiring of adventurers. The only exception is the beginning of the game, you're forced to have those 2 companions for the intro. After that, no companions at all.


2) Correct, but this should be the least of your worries. It's just copper generation and little else. Resting bonuses are far cheaper and better at the various Inns in the game.


3) None.


4) No. There are checks in the game that Steam uses to do the achievements. No need to send files to anyone. If you're not on Steam, don't worry about Steam achievements. You'll know for yourself if you did it or not.


Very best,

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