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Sadly companion builds are nonexistent on the internets, especially when Pallegina is of the wrong order for a paladin


I'm trying to use Pallegina as 2h offtank & Kana is arquebus/pike; so which talents & invocations should I be picking for them?

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Pallegina is fairly easy; go with Weapon Focus: Adventurer to get Estoc and Pollaxe (covers slashing, piercing and crushing damage, all two-handed, all in a single weapon focus) and Two-Handed Style. For her Paladin abilities I personally like Zealous Focus, Sworn Enemy, Reviving Exhortation and Lay on Hands.


Kana is a little trickier to build. If you're going to have him stand in the back and use an arquebus you need Marksman and Gunner talents, as well as Weapon Focus: Soldier. Take the chant that increases reload speed as well. You can also build him into a fairly decent frontliner with the Sword and Shield style and some chants that buff the party and debuff enemies.

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The OP said he wants to make Kana arquebus/pike. I assume he is thinking arquebus for alpha strike, then a reach melee DPSer from there.


In that case, you will be in a good position for chants that cover the whole party, not just ranged like Sure-Handed Ila. Are you going to have a main tank or any other melee? What is the rest of the party composition going to look like? With four ranged, I'd still take Sure-Handed Ila. With less than that, I'd probably go with Aefyllath Ues Mith Fyr. If you set it up so you start chanting one of these and then go to a level 1 chant, the linger on the longer chant will be enough to ensure 100% uptime on it. Your chants will automatically cycle, so you can still gain the points you need for invocations even if you only set up two chants.


For level 1 chants, I use Blessed was Wengridh. Before I got level 2/3 chants, I alternated it with At the Sight of their Comrades. I'm not sure if you'd be close enough in the second row for Come Soft Winds of Death or Dull the Edge to achieve maximum effect. You might be, but I haven't personally tried a second row chanter.


For invocations, I like one summon per level. I chose the phantom and wurms, and plan to take ogres (I'm level 9 on my PoTD play through). The phantom is a very clear winner over skeletons, both for its DPS and survivability, and its attacks also stun! Unfortunately, Kana has taken the skeletons even if you have auto-leveling turned off, but you can still take the phantom and The Thunder Rolled. If you were willing to wait to get a good CC invocation, you could alternately take Hel-Hyraf, but I found The Thunder Rolled to be just too valuable fighting shades at early levels. Keep in mind, while your chant buffs will be great in the second row, that's a really bad position for any invocation buffs, since you target invocations in a cone and your party will be both in front of and in back of you.


For level 2 invocations, The Killers Froze Stiff is just ungodly good. Its range is twice as long as The Thunder Rolled. Sometimes I have to run up to use it effectively as a ranged chanter, but you shouldn't have that problem in the second row. For level 3, keep in mind I haven't gotten that far yet, so maybe someone else could help you on this part. The buff ones will be tricky to target effectively as I mentioned above, but the level 3 buffs seem so good they might be worth it even to only cover half of your party. Aside from ogres, I would probably still get Rise Again.


For talents: I'd take the two chanter talents, two-handed style, WF Soldier... and that's all the must-have ones I can think of, so that leaves two. Maybe someone else can fill in the holes I left here.



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