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No warning minimise


Game runs ok but at random and on any screen from initial load to game play game  frequently minimisers to task bar and can only be recovered by starting task manager and double clicking on icon in task manager, frequency of this occurance  is  minutes to seconds. making game unplayable.

can anyone help.

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Welcome to the forums Jimplinge,


Check what other programs you have running - in particular look for anything relating to overlay displays or anything set to remain "on top" (which could interfere with full-screen applications) - and try disabling them before restarting PoE.

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Hello Jimplinge,


I apologize for the inconvenience. As AstralWanderer has stated, check to see what other applications are running in the background. That could be the issue that you are dealing with. Also, try playing the game in windowed mode to see if that helps.  


Please upload a save file, output/player log, and your system specs via dropbox and post the link here. You can find out how to find those files by clicking on the link in my signature below. 


Thanks a bunch! 

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