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High resolution 16x20 POE game map available!

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Hello fellow gamers! I have an additional high resolution print of the Pillars of Eternity game map for sale, if anyone is intereseted  :)  I am not profiting on this btw, I am losing money on the print. It is a high res 16x20 with a lightly textured laminate to add realism/authenticity to the look of the map. The photos here really don't do it justice, as they were taken in garbage lighting with a cell phone. It really is a beautiful print!  If you're interested, feel free to contact me on here or check it out on the e of bay  :)





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Just one bump on this one- I'm surprised there seems to be little interest! No fans of this awesome game would like to hang this one their wall? I got a second print for my self and framed it. It looks amazing with the textured laminate  :D  Really gives it that antiquated and authentic feel.


VERY reasonably priced (and honestly half of what I paid for the print).  See link above if interested  :)

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