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[Class Build] Fighter Solo PotD + Expert, Endless Path cleared.

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OK, just can't CAN edit my 1st post, i will try to re-post below will update post below.

_ I just finished my soloing tour in PotD Expert mode as a fighter, and actually need more advices about which class i should play next to do the same, beside sharing the build. I'm a casual player, so i don't record any vids, my lap is just too old to handle both PoE and vid recorder lol.

 _ The main purposes i make a choice to play fighter, is because his 3 base endurance regen, and  capable of dumbing int to 3 to use Tidefall at it's best strength. Fighter don't have aoe, don't have active attack abilities, and even vs single target, fighter is worst than paladin who has sworn enemy. But his durability and versatile is the most powerful things that make him a good, oh, fighter.


 _ And my lappy sucks, i play PoE at 20-30 fps, many encounters i got laggy, so i pretty much can't play ToI as i wish. More than that, there are many encounters where RNG matters more than skills, gears, so i instead play Non-ToI and try to do more stuffs :)



Achievements :

  • Cleared Raedric's Hold at level 4 - 5.
  • Cleared Searing Fall and caves at level 9
  • Cleared All Endless Path of Od Nua at level 11 - 12
  • Cleared All Bounties Quests
  • Killed All Dragons ingame.
  • Killed Thaos, summon once, no traps no scrolls no pots.
  • All solo.


Stats build :

Moon godlike, Human size - for good loking in shining plate.

M 19 ( + 1 living lands )
C 18
D 16 ( +1 godlike )
P 3
I 4 ( + 1 godlilke )
R 18




( above is the screenshot i take w/o foods, before i fight Thaos )

 _ In the begining, i want to build 16 Mig only, to be able to max Dex, because i plan to use Tidefall, Dex is rawly equal to Mig in dps increasing, if not better, because you will have better changes to atk after recovering from continuous CCed. And Mig has many sources to be increased up from passive, Dex not. But i re-thinked, and max Might, because Might not only for dps, but fort saves against stun, which's very insane later.

 _ Moon godlike is good enough, i was thinking that's overkill when my fighter had both self regen and self heal, but later vs Vithrack, i know i made a good choice. Wild Orlan is also very good though.

Abilities and Talents progress:

  1. Spirit Barrage
  2. Two-Hander Style
  3. Defender
  4. Wary Defender
  5. Confident Aim
  6. Deep Pockets
  7. Armored Grace
  8. Unstoppable
  9. Critical Defense
  10. Weapon Focus: Soldier
  11. Weapon Specialization: Soldier
  12. Body Control


3 sneaky
3 long run
8 bookworms
9 mechs


 _ I try to gather all gears i can, and because i play cruelly, aggressively, i fight every encounters i can, clear all places if needed, so i have almost every good stuffs ingame.


 _ I only sell normal enchant stuff, and keep every unique on my back pack, ready to swap when in town, so my fighter is very flexible. Below, i will make some suggestions about good gears ( for this build ) each acts.

Act 1:

  • Early Plate ( Backer near the tree at Gilded Vale )
  • More Plates ! ( Backers on 2nd floor of  Black Hound inn, Gilded Vale, rep negative ! )
  • Fine Estoc ( Kana at Caed Nua ) or Fine 2hander ( south west of Magran's Fork )
  • Mats for Burn Slash mod ( drake's skull at Black Meadow )
  • +5 Defl Ring
  • +5 Saves ring
  • Rymrgand's Mantle ( 2nd floor2nd floor of  Black Hound inn, Gilded Vale )
  • Azureith's Stiletto ( Smith, Gilded Vale )*
  • Blunting Belt ( Smith )
  • Oidhreacht ( Stiletto with Draining, level 1 Endless path, from the Spider queen )**

* I use it for some aoe proc before swap to estoc and finish mobs.
** Best 1h early, very useful in fighting at Raedric's Hold later.

Act 2:

  • +10 Defl ring
  • +10 Saves ring
  • Batender's ring ( Copperlane Inn )
  • Oaken Scarab Figurine ( Hidden, near the threater, Copperlane )
  • Cloudpiercer ( bow with Jolting Touch, kill the guy at Dozens Basement, Copperlane  )
  • Minor Gauntlets of Accuracy ( +3 acc, Raedric's Hold )
  • Gloves of Manipulation ( + 2 Mechs, Raedric's Hold )
  • Girdle of Mortal Protection ( -27% crit damage taken, Catacombs )
  • Cloak of Protection +10 ( Woedica temple )***
  • Exceptional Plate ( Crucible Keep ) *
  • Shod-In-Faith ( Crucible Keep ) **
  • Obsidian Lamb Figurine ( Vailian Embassy, 9 Mechs required )
  • Finreah's Grace ( +3 dex Mafia family seller )
  • Serel's Ring ( +2 res, quest item )
  • Trollhide Belt ( Dyrford Village ) or Cloak of the Tireless Defender ( Ondra's Gift vendor)
  • Iridescent Scarab Figurine ( Heritage Hill )
  • Tall Grass ( 13k coppers, Dyrford Village )****
  • Drake's Bell ( Sly Cyrdel bounty )*****
  • Sanguine Plate ( Valian Embassy quest ) *
  • Orlan's Bramble Ring ( saves, from a corpse outside Cliaban Rilag )
  • Bracers of Deflection ( +10 Defl, Temple of Skaen )***
  • Animancer's Boots( boots with Jolting Touch, from a corpse in Brakenburry in riot event )

* I enchant + 2 per mod instead of con, fighter has enough endurance from regen.
** Very powerful one, useful till end game, get it as soon as possible.
*** Needed for later gear setups, don't sell it.
**** You can  have that powerful pike early if you kill everything moveable at Raedric's Hold like me. I did that, and earn 16k+, more than enough to buy the pike.
***** Very useful for Drake fighting later, and can be use instead of buying Tall Grass. I got that one very early along Tall Grass, by pulling Sly Cyrdel's Group to Gramrfel's group, and backstab Gramrfel ( because they are stronger than Sly )

Act 3 :

  • TIDEFALL ! ( Cail the Silent at Searing Falls )*
  • Ebony Spider Figurine ( 15k coppers, Hearthsong market )
  • He carries many scars ( Undead Raedric, Raedric's Hold ) **
  • Boots of stability ( anti prone, level 3 Endless Path )
  • Gauntlets of Accuracy ( +5 acc, level 5 Endless Path, or Elm's Reach )
  • Broad Belt of Power ( +2 Mig, 2 Res ( level 13 Endless Path )***
  • Ring of Thorns ( +3 dex ) ***
  • Purgatory ( Blood Sands, Elm's Reach )
  • Old Gerun's Wall ( Bounty )

* My main weapon, very powerful one, especially with low Int fighter. 10 Mechs needed to find, and for sure, have to kill the fire dragon, i got it at level 9, but it's more safe when do it after act 2 ended.
** My main armor, + 1 regen is just sweet, and 50% DR bonus when 25% or below Endurance is just ... meh. It looks awesome btw. Can be replace by Adra Armor for second change if needed.
*** Pretty much fixed best-in-slot.

_ OK, now here is my gears setup:

  • Head: Nope, godlike. If not, try something cool lol
  • Body: Plate, Exeptional Plate, Sanguine Plate, He carries many scars. + 2 Per. Crush mod if needed. If you can use head slot, change to + 2 Con mod.
  • Rings: Ring of Thorns, Orlan's Bramble ring, swap for + 10 defl ring if mobs don't cc much.
  • Boots: Shod-In-Faith, swap for Boots of Stability for prone, even Fenwalkers for Vithrack, Animancer's Boots is optional.
  • Belt: Blunting Belt, Girdle of Mortal Protection, even Trollhide Belt. Later Broad Belt of Power.
  • Hands: Gauntlets of Accuracy mostly, vs hard cc mobs you will want to swap for Bracers of Deflection, and change the Orlan's Bramble ring too. Vs traps ? Gloves of Manipulation for sure.
  • Neck: Rymrgand's Mantle when vs Spectres, Tireless Defender, then Finreah's Grace if you don't have Ring of Thorns yet, and later i mostly use Cloak of Protection + 10 saves.
  • Weapons: 2-hander mostly, you can use 1h+shield for hard encounters and a bow for pulling stuffs. Tall Grass, Drake's Bell, and later Tidefall will be your main weapons.
  • Figurines : 2 - 4 slots depends on situation.
  • Pots: 5 healing ones for a slot. Another depends on situation, i usually use + atk speed, sometimes i use warpaint, but later i'm all the way with pot of alacrity for atk speed. As a Tidefall user, you don't mind grazes. Tidefall's Wounding deals better damage when grazes, so that monster sword will cover you from high defl mobs.
  • Scrolls:  my Fighter is strong enough that i don't use scrolls much, except some very special encounters, like vs Shades in Caed Nua, or Fampyr, Vithracks, Adragans, and Dragons laters. Otherwise, i use scrolls of mech once to find Tidefall lol.

Yeah ! Now some little tips as usual.

Foods ! Use your foods for hard encounter, don't be shy, those are cheap.

Corners, doors, bridges, rocks, And NPCs are your friends. Hide behind your friends to avoid being surrounded.

If there are 2 different styles of mob, you can try to pull them all so they can fight each other, and you join the fun. I've pulled spiders to Maewald, spiders to looters in level 1 Endless Path. I've pull Sly Cyrdel's group to Gramrfel's group so they fight each other, and back stab Gramrfel because his group is stronger. I've pulled trolls and spirits group to ogres group at Elmshore, so they fight for me.


As a fighter, the longer the fight, the more your endurance regens, you will want to avoid burst damage from mobs. To do that, there are many ways. My style is back to the corner, use a shield and wait till their mages throw all their aoe spells on their front-line combatants, then i swap to 2hander and finish, beside summon some little scarabs , spiders and mop up their back line.


I usually split pull in wild  map, by using a bow, specially vs slow moving mobs like trolls, ogres.


Tidefall hit harder when you got low Int, and wounding damages are better when you grazes, so don't worry too much if your accuracy is low w/o Gauntlets of Accuracy.


For Fampyr fights, let's them charm you, doesn't matter since you are alone. But beware when Fampyrs not only have strong health, but also hit pretty hard.


Vithracks are really, really pain. They can stunlock you paralyzed you all days if your saves is low. Try to split pull and fight them, many vs 1 ( you and your summons vs 1 of them lol ) Actually, Vithracks at Endless Path aren't strong, i killed all of them at corners. But Vithrack lords bounty where they pack 7 at once, is really a crazy encounter. I have to split pull them, with some lucks, i rested 4 time and killed all vithrack lord's minions. And later kill him for god sake with all my summon's up. On of the hardest fight of me. I also use wall of flame scrolls to kill them though, still deal good damage when my fighter got stun :)

Vs Raedric, it's easy. Shield up, back to a corner on the left side of the stairs. There, only one of them can atk you. Then load your fire scrolls asernal and get profits. I used ray of fire and some wall of flame scrolls.

Vs Adra dragons. Actually i didnt kill her when i finished the game. But i reload my save there, and after several try, i shotted her down with a bow lol. 1st, you will want to sneak and run all your ways to the right side of the map, then up to the dragon's treasury. There, you will kill all the xaurips that follow you, Except Two xaurip rangers. 1 - 2 mins later, the dragon will come to you, and ... got blocked by her 2 minions lol. use Wall of flame scrolls, and then a bow, or what ever range weapons, and shot her down. Your endurance regen is enough to keep you alive from xaurips attack, just needed enough dps so you can kill her before you run out of health.

 But ... the later deal with Adragans is, actually, harder lol. They can stunlock you all days if you fight 2 of them at time. My tip is that you run all your way to the left side, and fight them from left to right, use a bow to pull, there you will not fight all 4 of them at once, and avoid being stunlocked. Hope you got enough health to fight them lol.

Sky dragon is easy, just turn around to avoid her breath, then you will be fine. Vs final boss is easy too, if you can split Thaos from his statues. I even kill him w/o using traps, just use summon once to pull, then kill them 1vs1.

That's it. Thx for reading. English isn't my 1st language, so plz forgive my numerous grammar, spelling mistakes hehe. I will upload some screenshot later.

Btw, any idea which classes can solo Endless path too ? i just play potd but not ToI ( my lap sucks, one lag and all gone )

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:banana:Fighter build to solo PotD and Endless Path :banana:

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I'm slowly edging towards playing POTD. I'm a bit too casual for it just yet I think. I'm on my 4th play through right now.


I like your build, and I agree with you on Fighters being so versatile for this kind of play through. It requires you know the maps and fights very well to be able to equip and prepare for them. It forces you to have multiple damage types and sources. But it really, really stresses the focus on using the environment to slowly one on one enemies instead of getting mob flanked and killed by a trash mob.


I'm playing with a fighter right now very similar to yours, as an off-tank and melee DPS agent. I may have to try playing through solo with one like this.


But I'm always flirting with the idea of a Druid, Priest or Wizard to play through as... but I don't think any of them are up to the solo POTD.


Very best,

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