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This idea started as more of a gimicky fun party build, but it has proven viable. Difficulty is PoTD.


The main idea is to have 5/6 characters use ranged weapons, benefitting from the "Sure-Handed Ila Nocked Her Arrows with Speed"-chant while one fighter goes as tanky as possible. Additionally to the fighter tanking I summon as many pets as the game allows, practically flooding the battlefield with an armada of trashmobs.

I gathered all the figurines that allow to summon a creature + the cloak. Summon those when needed to build living walls to shield the shooting squad, atleast until the chanters gather enough phrases to summon their pets. The chanters basically should use whatever pets the last got from leveling up.



The Characters:


Wood Elf Chanter


Mig 17
Con 12
Dex 20 +1 from sacrificing Hiravias
Per 9
Int 10
Res 14

WF Soldier

Uses Arbalest



"Sure-Handed Ila Nocked Her Arrows with Speed"

+ anything (Aefyllath Ues Mith Fyr?)


Wood Elf Ranger


Mig  16
Con 12
Dex  20
Per  14
Int   8
Res 11


Driving Flight

Stalkers' Link

Vicious Aim
WF Ruffian

Uses Pistol

Bear Pet






Ancient Memory

Beloved Spirits

WF Soldier

Uses Arbalest



When using a long chant as second on PC alternate "Sure-Handed Ila Nocked Her Arrows with Speed" for 100% uptime

otherwise anything




Hold the line
Shield Style

Superior Deflection

Constant Recovery

Critical Defense


Guardian Stance (so pets can benefit)

WF Peasant

Uses Hatchet and the biggest shield


With heavy armor, Trollhide Belt and Cloak of the Tireless he rarely takes serious damage, and if he does hes got Unbending and the Second chance ring.





Inspiring Radiane

Inspired Flame

WF Soldier

Uses Arbalest[/spoiler

Here for buffs and healing mostly.





Swift Aim

Penetrating Shot

WF Ruffian

Uses Blunderbuss


Her main drawback is that her fox dies quite fast in battle, I find myself leaving him at the opposite side of the room half the time.

As with any story character she may always be swapped out for a more efficient custom character.



All the characters except Edér use 0% Recovery speed to make their slow weapons more reliable. They still survive most of the time because you can focus out casters early on, counter heal or as a last resort bait the worst AoEs with Edér or a pet.


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