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More than one Prybar Bug



Issue: Prybar will not allow for multiples in stash

I noticed that I cannot have more than one prybar in my stash at one time.  I can buy a prybar and leave it in a character inventory but not more than one.  If I have a prybar in my stash then buy another one they both dissapear.


I can duplicate this issue in Winfrith's arms and armory in Dryford Village.


Speak to Winfrith and ask to see what he has for sale. With any character in the group.

Scroll down to the prybars he should have two available for purchase.

Attempt to purchase more than one

You should see that only one prybar or no prybars are in the stash or on the character personal inventory.


I attempted to bypass this issue by purchasing a prybar and placing it directly into my main characters inventory.

Then I purchased a second pry bar which went directly to my stash.

Take the prybar from the main characters personal inventory and move it to the stash.

You will see that both prybars are now gone from the stash.


Expected behavior you should be able to own and carry more than one prybar in your stash


I would attach the game save file but it is 1.4mb and is too large to attach to this report I will happily provide if you let me know how I can do that.

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