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Skills and Scripted Events, POE Needs More

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Though I really like POE, I find that the implementation of skills needs to be more impactful.


For Athletics, Survival and Lore I would really like to see more scripted events where skills in these areas have a larger impact on game play.


The game talks about the difficult passage through the sewers, yet no fatigue penalty is assigned to those with no skill in athletics.


Scripted encounters where lore, survival or athletics impacts the PCs are few in number. Adding more of these would differentiate the PCs, make PC choices in skill point allocation more meaningful, and enhance gameplay.


Though skill in Lore opens up new scrolls, I would really like to see it do more - such as reveal new encounter areas, new enchantments, new potions, or new spells. Example: If PC has Lore skill Y his studies reveal deduce the location of a long forgotten ancient ruin of a wizard's tower or reveal a randomly selected spell or enchantment recipe.


I would also suggest making Crafting skill based and not level based. Tie the crafting of Food to Survival skill level (1 for 1 basis, 2 levels of survival = 2nd level food items) and the crafting of potions to Lore (2 for 1 basis - i.e. 4 levels of lore = 2nd level potions).

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