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POE causing critical overheating of my top of the line pc



so this isometric throw back blast from the past game nearly melted my computer. Whats the deal with it causing uncontrolled system over heating? I did have the IEMOD installed but I turned if off and it still hit 65-70 in 20-30 minutes of play. 


I play Skyrim at MAX setting with  a **** ton of graphic mods and it stays at 51 max 58 


I've turned the FPS all the way up and all the way down neither worked


i've changed the resolution

I tried talking out loud to it about cold things 


is the super speed that's doing it? increasing  the speed in the game. I know IEMOD has super dooper speed I did use that but I turned it off as well. 


if you have any advice I'll gladly take it

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Has to be the Unity Engine - Wasteland 2 almost managed to kill my GPU in the final fight o_O 70° is no cause for concern though, unless

a) it's a Phenom II that reaches that temperature, because IIRC, it begins to throttle at 62°

b) it's the ambient temperature inside your case

c) the part reaching that temp is on water cooling


Limiting fps is a way to keep it cooler. And if not overclocked, you might try and undervolt your CPU/GPU.

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