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First of all I have to say that this game is amazing. 213 hours in and I just finished it, but I have a question about the end of the game. Don't think this is considered spoilers, but SPOILER WARNING.






Well, when I defeated the last boss, there are some sequences of the narrator explaining some things about what happens with the characters after the game. When all of that is over, the game shows the credits and then goes to the main menu. Is there a way (maybe I have skipped it) to, after beating the last boss, keep playing in that save? I have let undone lots of sidequests, companion quests and I haven't finished the Endless Paths.


Just want to know if that is how it should be or I messed something up.



Also, If it's like that, when the expansion arrives, we'll be able to use that save or we will have to use the pre-ending save and then finish the game again?




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