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Antipathetic Field: What does the self damage part mean?

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It says something like User: 20% beam damage. What does this mean? Does it mean the cipher that casts it suffers 20% of the damage it causes? Or 120%? Or does it mean the damage done is boosted by 20%, which should have just been factored into the damage numbers listed? Or that the cipher gets a buff which makes it (or another beam spell) 20% stronger if cast twice in short succession? Or something else?




PS Is it still friendly fire even though the tooltip says Foe? I know I can easily check this, but if you have a quick answer based on the latest patch, that'd be great.

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Thanks. After reading (I believe from you) how good Echo is, but not being fond of the idea of running all around the battlefield to spray a beam while I have enough micro for my taste with my other characters already, a use for it occurred to me that suits me. I just hit level 5 and got it btw.


I have a ranged chanter. I find his phantom does very solid damage for his level, but I've often summoned him as an off tank in case an enemy gets past my two tanks. Especially as I get higher summons, I can instead try summoning them to wreak havoc behind the enemies, positioning them so that my cipher can get decent mileage from Echo without having to run all around. I find that I use my cipher for CC and debuffs in most fights when she's not auto attacking, but maybe I can get some fights well controlled enough to use Echo to decent effect by the time my chanter can cast a summon. I'll see how I like it.


Still want to know about my main question though. By the time I replace my adventurer cipher with Grieving Mother (since I like the feel and banter of companions), I can always get different abilities.

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It increases damage of all beam spells for the duration (including ectopsychic echo and antipathetic field itself). Quite obvious from the description imo. Echo is really easy to use as you control both ends of the effect, unlike field, you don't really need to "run around" with cipher.

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If you have a chanter then it's definitely worth using with summons, since they are unlimited. I sometimes even use it with figurines, summoning those nly to have a beam target.

And as Mad said you don't need to run around too much.

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