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[1.0.6 Mac GoG hotfix] Black screen when I capture Purnisc



This has happened twice in a row. I have uploaded my save file from right before the fight with Purnisc, as well as my log file from just after I defeat him and tell him to come to my dungeon: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/l5iwiz05ylyyn5m/AAAPiu1CVRQLMOqvZRFL7U-qa?dl=0


This causes the screen to turn black.


Update: I found a workaround. I set the game to run in a window (I normally do fullscreen). Then I tab out of the game and back in. This causes the black screen to return to normal.


An interesting side note: none of the abilities/spells I had set to execute/cast actually completed by the time Purnisc had been defeated, and when I got the screen back from black, they were no longer in queue to perform. At least I can move on, but a bug with a workaround is still a bug to be squashed!

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You want my system specs and OS version?


I should have called him Nyrid instead of Purnisc. These are the very specific things I did from when the file was saved:


1) Talk to Purnisc. The ranged stay in that corner so they won't get hit. The bug is produced whether I choose to attack him right away, or express interest in a deal and then change my mind.


2) I have the game set to auto-pause when I spot an enemy, when combat begins, and after each enemy dies. At the start of the fight, when the game first pauses:

a. Command all to attack Nyrid (but some will do other things, as follows)

b. Command Quri to use Flames of Devotion on Nyrid

c. Command Eder to use Knock Down the guard closest to him

d. Command Durance to cast Interdiction over the enemies (anticipating, but the range is big so you will probably get them all)

e. Command Kalaestra to cast Mental Binding on Nyrid


3) Watch Durance and pause when he casts Interdiction. Then:

a. Command Durance to cast Armor of Faith on the party (the range is barely big enough at just the right spot, but if you can't get it perfect, you can leave out one member in the back row)

b. Command Aloth to cast Slicken so that it hits where the enemies are going to be (which is as far back as Eder), without affecting any allies


4) Unpause. Before anyone's second round of spells can cast, Nyrid should be defeated and beg. Choose to take him prisoner.


Note that I gave you the log file from just after I had done all this, the screen turned black, and I had quit with command-q.

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I'm glad, thanks! I wonder if it could be based on defeating him too fast. I know my party is strong lol, no cheats though, and all companions except for one, so I think it could potentially affect other people playing legitimately too.

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