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Getting to Elmshore without joining the Dozens?

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I started over after getting stuck on a glitch (and made better initial choices, so no complaints there). However, this time I've also made different choices to freshen the reset. Chief among those is not teaming up with the Dozens, with whom (the first time through) I easily got the acra disk needed to lower the water level. Now I'm going in circles trying to find it. Those giantkillers from whom I took it the first time aren't in any of the five sites I have revisited. Is there another way to get the water level down? Perhaps my miatake is not yet siding with the remaining two factions who will still take me\? (I've burned my bridges with the Dozens, so side quests for them is no longer an option.)


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If you continue with the main quest, the water level drops by itself at a certain point.

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