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POE Shuts down machine when playing cutscene at wagon area




The game repeatedly shuts down my whole machine when it plays the wind/storm cutscene right after you kill the first boss at the very begining of the game, this is when the when the characters run into the wagon and then the wind effects happen. 

Its happened 3 times in a row in exactly the same spot (with new games from scratch each time) 

How can you get past this??


The attached savegame is at the beginning of the game - I havent managed to save just before the crash yet.


BTW - the forum wont let me upload the savegame either without changing the file extension either:


"0a909751-2687-422f-bd86-cd0737268164 autosave.savegame

You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file"



0a909751-2687-422f-bd86-cd0737268164 autosave - Copy.savegame.txt

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