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[1.0.6 Mac GoG hotfix] Ever-growing Paladin auras



Ok, it really hurt to reveal this one, because I am really enjoying milking it. It allows me to make a paladin with low Int whose auras literally span the entire map well before I finish Act 1. I am attaching two save files, each with its own log file after loading the save.


https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4ekryoexxddl6n2/AAA8aILZZczPGYaoPhJXSbK9a?dl=0 is from just after picking up Durance at level 3. My paladin's aura is already bigger than it should be given her Int. The custom formation is bugged, but can be fixed by clicking it again (I posted about this issue separately).


https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3ly8j0fhcgyxy10/AACmb5gr0F4hR2eiyk-easF5a?dl=0 is from later on in the play through, but still at level 3. My party is stealthed preparing for a tough fight in the Temple of Eothas. You can guide it safely out, and walk the paladin clear across half the map almost to the entrance of the lower temple level, before the aura just barely falls off.


Some observations:


1) These saves are from a play through with a paladin with 14 Int. I have much more extreme examples from a 20 Int play through, but this allows you to clearly see the difference that it makes as time goes on without even leveling up, yet before the aura becomes larger than the whole map.


2) On the other play through I had Zealous Focus instead of Zealous Endurance, and the same thing happens.


3) I cannot pinpoint what the aura growing is a function of, but whatever it is is in turn a function of time played, XP gained, or something that tends to increase steadily over time.


I guess I'll play a 14 Int paladin with Zealous Focus through Act 1, at which point she can easily get 20 Int through an item and resting bonus, and her aura will still legitimately cover the party using my custom formation when this gets fixed :p. Sorry to anyone else who was having a field day!


Edit: One more point: I only started noticing the growing auras since the GoG hotfix to 1.0.6, not with the initial 1.0.6 release. However, the effects are retroactive. In other words, some of those save files are from before I updated to 1.0.6, so the same saves will have normal auras on other versions but grown auras on the bugged version(s).

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