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I am a bit confused with the armor in PoE. Right now my party consists of 6 people, all level 5 and most are wearing just the armor they had when they were recruited, besides equipping 5-6 rings. Most armor I have found so far seems to be inferior to what each is equipped with already. How bad is the recovery penalty for wearing armor anyways? (Guess I really don't understand the whole recovery thing as it is...)

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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The recovery penalty varies with armor type and is listed as a percentage in the armor description - the percentage is vs no armor (or clothes with no armor penalty) so if it's 50% then the recovery time is 50% slower than it would be with 0 penalty.


Some people put heavy armor on their tanks and none (or clothes with no penalty) on others - I use a mix of light medium and heavy myself and don't get very caught up in the numbers - if you are playing on normal you can probably use whatever you want even if you pick it just because it looks cool and ignore the numbers. YMMV

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