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modifying crits with the return of perception based accuracy buffs

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So given the rumors that perception is going  back to boosting accuracy, I'd like to propose a change to critical hits that will make choosing per a little more difficult.   


We all know that boosting accuracy is probably the best way to get better damage... higher percentage of hits over grazes,  and crits over hits.   (this from back in beta days)


graze,hit,crit result in increasing modifiers to base damage,  which favors heavier weapons over light; and generally makes per the go-to stat ( when accuracy is involved)


My change would be thus:  


Take the base damage modifier away from critical hits (leave for hit and graze),  but allow a critical hit to instead reduce the targeted dr of an enemy by half.    


I think this would be a more interesting way of overcoming DR;  either maxing damage modifiers on heavy weapons (might over per?),  or going for more lighter, accurate weapons  that could possibly get damage reduction.   





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