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First sorry if this has been done before but I tried to search for this but couldn't find it. If so just post a link to the other thread or merge them.


As the feel of this game is similar to ports of table top games to computer, like NWN and Baulders gate the mechanics and such feel a lot like a computer port (which makes sense, this is Obsidion). Since as far as I can tell they made their own system would we be able to see a table top version of Eternity? I think that it would be fun to play. Would jsut need a LOT of tables due to might and Int affecting things by %

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Feargus Urquhart (CEO of Obsidian) has said that they are considering growing PoE into a franchise with licensed novels, games and possibly a PnP RPG, and have already launched a Kickstarter for a card game.


In any case a lot of mechanics would have to change from the game to a PnP version. First of all PoE has no concept of 'turns', but rather uses absolute time for both activating abilities, and how long they last, and then there is the percentage issues you yourself raised. In short, Josh Sawyer has gone on record many times that a lot of the mechanics of PoE were designed to be easy to work in a computer game, rather than to emulate an already existing PnP game.

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