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[1.06 v617] Kana - dialogue bug - Adra Dragon



After defeating the Adra Dragon, a speech bubble appears on Kana's portrait, indicating that he has something to talk about. However, when you click on the bubble, only the regular dialogue options appear, i.e. no unique dialogue.


Save file just after defeating the dragon- https://mega.co.nz/#!JxY0QBjL!cWKwp7ouv_AusMzUbdqU1OrofvKHurG05qCjERUVLjA

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I don't have a save file that's just before the fight (I overwrote all of them as I continued to play), but I have an older backup save file in which I cleared the first 8 or 10 levels.


Here's the save file and the output log - https://mega.co.nz/#F!5oYRlAAK!2nxw_7tTrE7UuvwSBVFUvg


Bear in mind that I first agreed to help the dragon, and then betrayed it to get the dragon-slaying ability.

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