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Hey guys, I started a dual wield rogue on PoTD and, to give him more survivability, I chose Moon Godlike for Silver Tide. But I looked at the combat log and, when it activated, it only ever healed Calisca. Is this intended, and, if it's a bug, is it known and does it only apply to certain versions? I am playing 1.0.5 on Mac. Thanks.


I restarted (yet again) with a Hearth Orlan rogue, which I'll play unless I can get Silver Tide working as I want it to for myself.

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Well mystery solved. I went solo into a pack of wolves and watched both my endurance and the combat log closely. I saw my endurance go up, but the combat log didn't report it. Funny quirk, but I guess it's better than the other way around!


Edit: Also, it seems that it's possible for Silver Tide to only trigger twice on your way from full endurance to nothing. For instance, if an attack takes you from over 75% to under 50%, and you are healed back up to over 75%, then it'll only trigger again in that encounter if you drop below 25%. Or would it trigger twice simultaneously (one instance because the single attack dropped you below 75%, the other because it dropped you below 50%)?


Either way, seems promising for PoTD.

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