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Champion Rating, No Invite to Hearings

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I have been working on a low kill/pacifist solo run through the game. If you care about some of the details, there are excellent posts here and here. There are spoilers there, just so you know.


Since I can't spoil in this forum, despite it seeming like the best place, I will keep my question vague. Why can you reach the Champion level of reputation with at least one of the factions and yet you still have to complete their non-story quests? It seems to me that if you are really held in such high regard, they should waive that requirement and satisfy your request. Or as another option, completing the 4 quests I did for the Doemenels should reward less rep so that you don't achieve Champion until after the quest I chose not to complete.


It just breaks my immersion a bit to have a reputation system, but to put it aside in favor of doing fixed quests.

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