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Ok, I'm a noob at talk tables, and I see three files and some vaguely represent text, and other's indexing other stuff that seems gibberish..


So If I wanted to add my own to each of these.. I would... do what?


The only knowledge I have in coding is basic html web coding.


Any help you could forward me to (tutorial or w.e) or from you, is VERY GREATLY appreciated.


This is for.. ah, so I can write my own romance mods :p for all you beeps that haven't already seen my romance dlc packs.


Works out for both of us because you can happily have obsidian tack away at the expansion pack.


.. you have to start somewhere.. might as well be here. :T



.... aaahh hell, at this point I'd be happy to get in an "I love you" working in the lines.


...so, please, any help IS APPRECIATED.


..puwese..?  ;( (puppy eyes of doooooom plz)

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Aloth  :wub:  

...It should be illegal to be that fine. 8) or adorkable ♥

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