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DPS Spreadsheet - A little misleading ?

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So I've been looking at the DPS spreadsheet,  well done on all the calcs and info guys.   One problem I have, is that the affect of damage mods don't really seem to be included,  except for the crit mods.   


I really think a discussion about max weapon damage vs DR in the context of damage modifers needs to be had, since damage mods are fairly plentiful through talents and class abilities and debuffs ( Petrify anyone?).


So maybe a run-down of all the different damage mods available,  so we can get an idea of the maximum mods available.

Then maybe someone could make a table similar to vs DR, except have a single DR, with varying levels of damage mods.  (  could do multiple tables

for different DR's)




Or just correct me and tell me I'm reading the spreadsheet wrong.



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Not related to the spreadsheet, but the inventory and character screens should really show attack speed and dps with current stats and gear.


Yeah, but this is highly dependent on what you're hitting, and with what modifiers,  which is why I think these dps stats are somewhat misleading.

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Well, it could definitely show your attack speed and recovery time, and DPS could be shown against 0 DR for informational purposes.

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