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So his Holy Radiance heals for 13 Endurance.....Do NPC Priests suffer from the same issues that Paladin NPCS suffer with Faith and Conviction?  Since they do not have disposition ranks there Holy Radiance (since its tied to your deities favored behaviors) healing/damage will not increase/decrease.

Have gun will travel.

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I did some testing with this and found the following:


Holy Radiance seems based on Might, and at 18 might it was healing 14.4 Endurance and I got +2 for a reputation point. So assuming the same 6 reputation points it would mean you have an AoE heal of 26 Endurance with max might. (it suggests it happens over time with the vessel damage, not sure if it also applies to the healing, which would make it a lot better)


Not sure if it is accurate but it seem to be very bad if I understand it to be 26 total healing at max might and reputation...


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Holy radiance is nowhere near the level of Faith and Conviction, so for Priest being a PC doesn't matter as much. It's a decent low level heal, and with good reputation it deals noticeable damage to vessels, but that's it. You can make it a +5 accuracy buff with a talent, which is nice and is not affected by reputation, so any priest is effective with it.

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