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[1.06 beta] Kakaloth's Minor Blights have 0 recovery when character has 10 Dexterity






I was surprised to find this out when I tested Wizard spells. The question is, were Blights intended to have the recovery time of a wand, or 0 recovery time ?


Steps to reproduce:

- Load the provided save

- Notice how this character is naked with 10 points in all stats

- Move by one meter north to see the bear hidden by the fog of war

- Cast Slicken to engage combat and gain time

- Cast Kakaloth's Minor Blights

- Cast Arcane Veil for survivability

- Attack the bear

- See how there is no recovery time most of the time: this character throws one blight per second



- Reload the save

- Equip the magic amulet inside this character's inventory: It gives +2 Dexterity

- Repeat the attack sequence described above

- See how recovery time is triggered pretty reliably

- Notice that it is not *always* triggered



- Reload the save

- Feel free to test with any combination of armor, items and weapons in the inventory

- Only the +2 Dex item should have an impact on bug occurrence





  • The group of bandits outside the cave uses -2 dexterity moves. You can go and check that, with 8 Dexterity, the character gets proper recovery time as well. (i.e. The bug is affected the same way whether you raise or lower Dexterity from the base 10)
  • I didn't test with other stats being raised above or below 10, only Dex, because it is the stat that affects attack speed. (i.e. Can other stats trigger the bug ?)
  • It doesn't affect Citzal's Spirit Lance nor Concelhaut Parasitic Staff. These are melee. (i.e. Are there other ranged summoned weapons that could be affected in the game ?)
  • The bug occurs on 1.05 as well. (i.e. It's not a regression from the beta)
  • I don't think I encountered this bug with a 19 Dex character. (i.e. Does it occur less frequently as a character gets further and further from 10 Dex ?)



The save can be found here. (The host will delete it after 30 days without a download)

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