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Great Story but weak Gods and Endboss

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I love the Story about the Hollowborns and the conflicts between the different fractions. I really had Troubles to decide if the Soul Expremients are good or bad to cure the Hollowborn Problems. It's always great to see in a Story that there is no good or bad.


Sadly the whole Story is going to be bad only because of weak personality Gods created by human beings. I think it was an awesome idea, that they thought to create real gods so that the People dont follow the false gods which created wars, cruelity and such. Badly Thaos and his People didn't gave the world Piece. Thaos says he killed good kings and created war. That makes no sense, but there are more problems:


1. How can you make a god with a specific character and why would you make  bad gods like a goddess of War?

2. How can you controll These gods? They could do what they want with their power

3. Why do the other gods dont kill Thaos? The gods speak with us in the game an give us Special powers. They could pown Thaos in a few seconds. We Gamers are only weak normal beings. The other Gods even kickassed  Woedica.

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1. A god is a fusion of collective souls of Engwithans. Something like ME Reaper was collection of harvested civilisation with its own character There are no bad gods.. Each god represents main Engwithan society ideas. Themes of their life.

2. Good question. You cannot. That's why Woedica was created. To keep all gods under her control. They rebelled and went their own way.

3. Gods are aware of their powerful nature and possiblity to change things on massive scale. They made pact they will not intervene into mortal lifes directly (through corporeal avatars). That's why they cannot stop Woedica themselves. That's why Thaos was serving her, she didn't use him as her incarnation, because she would break the agreement. There were some gods who broke that agreement (Abydon, Eothas). Both paid price for it.

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Thaos instigating war and suffering is a case of "the greater good" justifying the means. He may cause war and instability in that particular land and society, but on the larger scale, he does it to prevent those people from finding out too much about the gods. So for a (in his eyes: small) price, he has kept the order of things intact.


1) We don't exactly know how the Engwithans created the gods and why they created exactly these and not others. We can infer something from their purpose (i.e. those are the gods the Engwithans thought necessary to maintain stability and morality), but nothing more.

Also, it's not that people only do things if there is a god for them. There will be wars, whether there's a god with that portfolio or not. And those involved in war will pray to gods, even if there's not a god specifically for it. So better to have one and subtly strengthen those aspects of war that you might want to stress (like heroism, defending your family/clan, individual strength, and so on), than having none and leaving it to chance.


2) It's not entirely sure whether the gods could actually do things that contradict or deviate from their domain. Apart from this, you cannot control them. Maybe Thaos and the Leaden Key had some role in this, but not much.


3) Apart from what White Phoenix said: Thaos knew how the gods were made, and he was the one making sure no one found out that they were.

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Therefore I have sailed the seas and come

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Χριστός ἀνέστη!

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You have to remember the scale of time Thaos is alive in, as well. Current society is in something of a renaissance period, while he's still thinking of the world in the same light as the savages who were burning infants and covering themselves in their ashes. The current playing field levels mages, animancers, and priests with soldiers wielding firearms and merchants. Even with Engwithan ability to create gods, the Engwithan masses were depicted as being just as ignorant as the uneducated Dyrwoodans living outside of the city. There's an enlightenment going on, it's a very different time. 


That's for Thaos' part, at least. But he's operating in Woedica's interests as well. She's just covering her ass, as well as covering for every other god out there. Any act which could prove their existence as constructs would undermine their position. Those terrible acts he spoke of were to serve Woedica and the gods. It's a defense of the status quo, even if that defense leads to even more damage than would have been caused if the initial secret had been leaked in the first place. You may call it illogical, but it's such a fundamentally human thing that you can track similar patterns of behavior to many disasters or crises in the real world throughout history and in modern times.

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