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Bugs with final boss fight ***SPOILERS***



I finally reached the final boss fight and had a couple interesting problems with it.


My first attempt went as follows:


1) Down Thaos

2) Kill the statue that his soul wasn't in

3) Kill the statue his soul was in

4) Kill Thaos for good

5) Have my main character knocked unconscious and Durance die outright immediately after Thaos was dead


This resulted in an auto-pause at a time when I couldn't unpause and me starting at Thaos' corspe. Alt-tabbing out and back got the game unpaused but with Durance dead I couldn't see his final converse.


Thus I made a second attempt which went as follows:


1) Down Thaos

2) Kill the statue that his soul wasn't in

3) Kill the statue that his soul was in

4) Instant victory without Thaos ever getting back up


I don't know what caused Thaos to get back up and I don't think that was how the battle was intended to go. As I'd beaten it the hard way already I didn't bother giving it a third try, though I still have a save I can go back to if I feel like it.


If I had to guess I'd say one of my Druid spells might have created a problem and killed Thaos right after he was vulnerable again but somehow before he could fully heal. During the battle I used: Embrace the Earth-Talon (petrified Thaos early on, probably wore off before he was downed), Venombloom (cast on Thaos and statues, may or may not have still been active on Thaos when he should have got back up), and Returning Storm (definitely still active when Thaos should have got back up). The only other offensive spells I remember using that battle were Mental Binding and Cleansing Flame.

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