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Scouting mode not working in saved games from before last patch



Hi I'm not sure if I'm seeing this right so I have to ask, isn't there supposed to be like three secrets and two traps between the entrance to Caed Nua level 8 and Fampyr?


Problem I'm seeing is with an old save game, the first one I launched after the release of PoE. I have two sneaky characters in my posse, one with 5 stealth and 3 mechanics, and the other with 6 stealth and 4 mechanics.


I seem to be missing a lot of secrets, even though both characters stand next to the spot where I'm told it should be, for several real life minutes, in scouting mode.


For example the armor in the Glandfathan home in Twin Elms, under the rug. Also, like I just mentioned, two traps and three secret stashes between the entrance of Endless Paths of Od Nua level 8 and Fampyr.


Was I misinformed about these secrets or are my characters just not stealthy enough?

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