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1.05 Bug: Chant stat buffs suppress item stat buffs



 If my chanter uses the chant phrase that adds +10 reflex then that suppresses the +5 reflex from the ring. Since it's not possible to replace rings by chants since phrases are only active 6 second per 8 second interval then that makes many of the chant phrases rather poor.


 Would be nice if having the reflex chant and the ring would add the benefit of both, or else that chant phrases have linger duration equal to chant duration so it would be possible to have 2 phrases up 100% of the time, so I could then make the decision to either wear rings or use the stat buff chant.


edit: well, the attached screenshot not only shows that the reflex ring gets suppressed by the reflex chant, but it also show a display bug, soul whip isn't +140% damage with the talent, it's +40% damage.


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