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[1.05 v567] Endless Paths Reset Bug



Posted about it http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/76472-help-i-cant-re-enter-in-the-endless-path/'>here, but after going back through my saves to pinpoint where it occurred, it doesn't appear to be related to resolving attacks on the stronghold. 


The Endless Paths are accessible in this save:



About 50 minutes of gameplay thereafter, they are not accessible in this save:




Between those two points, I was completing parts of Heritage Hill and did not travel back to the stronghold. However, it appears that the Bailey upgrade completed in that timespan...not sure whether that may be the issue. I'll attempt to replicate, but if there's a solution it'd be appreciated...unfortunately, I logged about eight hours of gameplay before noticing that the glitch had occurred. 

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Heh, my link didn't survive. Originally posted about the bug in this thread:




Everything in the Paths has been reset after unlocking the door via the console commands...the involved quests show as done, but Maerwald is back, enemies have respawned, etc. Being able to dual-wield two copies of a unique sword is pretty neat, but I'm a bit loathe to continue on because repeating already completed quest lines/picking up duplicate quest items seems like it might introduce further problems.

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A possible workaround for this problem; likely one that others have reached, but I haven't seen it listed:


- Using a program such as WinRAR or 7zip, unpack both your most-recent save and one that precedes the occurrence of the area reset bug. Create a backup copy of each for the sake of safety.

- Manually compare the two archives; copy into a separate folder the .fog and .lvl files for any areas that are found in the unbugged file but not the most-recent save, plus those for areas (like the Stronghold Main Hall) which were bugged. It's not difficult to do, as the .fog/.lvl files are numbered. 

- Insert those copied files into the .rar of your most-recent save, overwriting the bugged areas and recreating those that got deleted entirely.


I've only played a couple hours with my new, Frankensteined save, but so far everything seems to be working properly. I have regained access to all the areas that were cleared in the earlier un-bugged file, without affecting the progress made between the point where the bug happened and when I noticed it. 

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Just going for another playthrough and it just happened...  Played some yesterday, loaded up today, did some of the bounties and thought I'd go do level 6+.

Went through the dungeon and into the Endless Paths and everything blacked out, encountered Maerwald again, got duplicates of the Whispers of Yenwood too.


Weird.  XP is useful though.

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